KIU Announces New Scholarships for next Academic Year Print

KIU_logoKnowledge International University is pleased to announce that a donor will be sponsoring a large number of scholarships for the next academic year.

The scholarships will provide students of knowledge from all over the world the opportunity to study the entire BA Online Degree in Islamic Studies without the need to pay tuition fees.


Application for the scholarship positions will begin during the Summer period of 2012 and will be open to anyone who is not already a KIU student.

All scholarship applicants will undergo a specially prepared intensive course with a concluding examination process.The scholarships will be awarded to the top scoring students following the completion of the scholarship course programme.

Further details of the entire scholarship application process will be published on the KIU website during the Summer break by the will of Allah.

Knowledge international University wishes to extend its gratitude and thanks to the new donor organisation for the noble contribution and great service provided to the students of knowledge.