KIU attends First Blackboard Conference held in KSA Print


On Monday 20th February, Blackboard Inc. hosted their first conference in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The conference, held at the Intercontinental hotel Riyadh, was titled the Blackboard Teaching & Learning Forum.

22 academic institutes and universities from around the Kingdom were invited to participate including Knowledge International University, King Saud, Imam Mohammed bin Saud, King Abdullah and King Fahad University.




The purpose of the forum was to discuss the challenges of education, how to engage new learning opportunities, to understand the current trends of student requirements and ultimately how technology has a role to play in providing solutions to all these matters

Blackboard Inc is an Enterprise Software company specialising in the development of education software and in particular learning management systems. It is considered a market leader in the online education domain.

It is part of KIU's strategy  to deploy the best technology solutions in their learning environment with the objective of enhancing the e-learning study process.

Today Knowledge International University uses Blackboard Collaborate for its virtual classroom software providing students live sessions with their instructors with rich features such as live video and audio streaming, online presentations, group discussions and much more.

Moving forward KIU considers Blackboard Inc as a collaborative partner in its commitment to providing students a flexible and convenient education platform enriching their learning experience insha'Allah.


KIU Members at the Blackboard Teaching and Learning Forum















Right to left: Mohammad Abdul-Tawab (KIU, IT), Sh Yousuf Idris (KIU Islamic Studies Faculty Director Head), Nicolas Klotz (Blackboard Channel Manager), Mohammad (ISB General Manager), Uthman Ali (KIU, Consultant)