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A Special Course on the Fiqh of Marriage

Taught by Sh Jamal Zarabozo

 fiqh of marriage 2021

This course is also part of the KIU Online Islamic Studies Degree, however as part of a special promotion, a portion of the course is open to everyone and is being offered for free of charge!

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Knowledge International University invites everyone to our special course about the Fiqh of Marriage.

fiqh of marriage 2021


This special course is also part of the KIU BA Degree Programme in Islamic Studies. As a part of KIUs promotional offer, this course is available to everyone for free of charge. 

Successful students who complete the whole course including the online session tests and final exam will be shortlisted for a full scholarship. The scholarship will entitle the student to study the entire KIU Online Degree in Islamic Studies for free of charge. *shortlisted students will be required to undergo a telephone interview.

The course comprises:

 -  Videos covering a part of the Syllabus of a KIU course on the Fiqh of Marriage

  - Multiple choice questions after each video as part of the assessment for the course.

 - Access to the online student forum


To learn more about how the KIU Degree programme works, >> click here << 


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Please spread word of this lecture series to everyone you know. The Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu `alaihi wa sallam) said, "Whoever guides someone towards good, will get the reward of the one who acts upon it." [Muslim]




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