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KIU Congratulates its first batch of KIU Students

Knowledge International University is proud to announce the graduation of its first batch of students for the English based Islamic Studies degree programme. It is indeed a historical moment for everyone involved after years of hard work in developing a University with the quality of education it provides today.

The University began a humble beginning in late 2007 and was originally conceived by the world renowned Scholar Shaikh Saa'd ibn Nasr Ash-Shethry with the objective to provide a high standard of Islamic education based entirely online.

The degrees offered at the time were only available in the Arabic language and it was not until a year later when the faculty of Islamic Studies offered its first degree programme in the English language. Shaikh Yousuf Idris, the son of renowned scholar Shaikh Jafr Idris, was the main pioneer of the Islamic Studies degree. He was also entrusted to head the entire faculty in order to maintain the quality and integrity of the programme.

The opening of the faculty was an anxious yet exciting time for the University which had invested heavily to offer prospective students a unique opportunity to study an entire Islamic Studies degree programme using some of the latest e-learning technology platforms.

Despite the lack of marketing and publicity, the exclusive opportunity to enrol for the online degree in Islamic Studies attracted a small number of exceptionally competent students from around the globe. The initial enrolments included registrations from North America, Europe and Asia.

The first batch were a unique and close-knit group of students who held a special place with the University as they began their academic journey collectively with the administration. These students remained patient during the early stages of the programme despite the initial teething developments of a new academic institute. They also remained disciplined, focused and steadfast in pursuit of seeking Islamic knowledge and completing the degree programme.

During their study process, these students had the privilege of studying under some of the leading Western scholars and educators including the likes of Shaikh Jamal Zarabozo, Shaikh Yasir Farzaga and Shaikh Assim Al-Hakeem. They were the first to take on some very unique specialised courses including Islamic Thought, Purification of the Soul, Islamic Finance, Family Counselling and Religious Extremism.

Today Sh Saad ASh-Shethry is at the helm of Knowledge International University a thriving academic institute teaching over 60 online courses to 700 students from over 53 countries. The first batch of students have done exceptionally well to lead the way by being the first to complete the degree programme. Knowledge International University congratulates them on this tremendous achievement and hopes to seem them fulfil their potential as morally and spiritually concious up-standing citizens within their societies.

May Allah Almighty bless and accept the hard work of all the personnel involved in seeing through the completion of the degree programme and  May Allah Almighty bless the continued success of the University. 


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