Names & Attributes of Allah

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Names & Attributes of Allah

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3 Hours

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This course covers ‘Aqeedah topics not covered in the first two semesters as presented in the oldest and most classical work on the Islamic creed from the 9th century.

Instructor Name

Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

Required Text

Bilal Philips, Abu Jafer at-Tahawe / Ali ibn Abil-‘Izz (Trans. Syed Iqbal Zaheer), The Fundamentals of Islamic Creed,

Supplementary Text

Ali ibn Abil-‘Izz (Trans. Dr Muhammad ‘Abdul Haqq Ansari), Commentary on the Creeed of at-Tahawi,


  • To provide students with an opportunity to worship Almighty Allah through studying Aqeedah in depth
  • To enable the student to understand the rules governing the principles of the Islamic creed.
  • To further develop the basic belief in revelation found in both the Qur’aan and Sunnah.
  • To develop the student’s basic knowledge of the first Pillar of Faith: Belief in the Prophet and the proofs for his prophethood.
  • To enable students to comprehend the significance of the Status of the Community and the importance of adhering to it.
  • To teach students about the position of faith between the principle of hope and fear and its significance.
  • To clarify for students how they may benefit the dead through acts of worship and the concept of supplication and divine response.

Topics Covered


  • Biography of Imaam at-Tahaawee and ‘Alee ibn Abil-‘Izz,
  • Introduction to the text,
  • its historical significance, its methodology,
  • its acceptance in the world of Muslim scholarship

Nothing is Similar to Him

  • forms the basis of Tawheed al-Asmaa was-Sifaat
  • also for the other two categories of Tawheed

Belief in the Messenger

  • ‘Uboodiyyah the highest state,
  • basis for the greatness of the prophets,
  • distinguishing false prophets from true prophets,
  • Finality of the Prophethood - evidences
  • Leadership -blind following due only to the Prophet (pbuh

Superiority of the Prophet

  • evidences,
  • resolution of conflict with other narrations;
  • Sent to Humankind and the Jinn – evidences.

Beloved of God or Friend

  • claims and evidences;
  • Allah took Abraham as a Friend
  • Allah’s love and those who deny it.

Excommunication (Takfeer)

  • No one from Ahlul-Qiblah declared a disbeliever for committing a sin unless he considers it lawful.

Salvation lies between hope and fear

  • Ten reasons for forgiveness of sin;
  • False security and despair – the consequences.

The Sunnah and the Community

  • their importance, and adherence; 

Loving the Just and Hating the Tyrants

  • loving for the sake of Allah and loving Allah;

Allah knows best

  • speaking about the religion without knowledge

Wiping on socks during Wudoo

  • a creedal issue from fiqh due to the basis of Shee’ah rejection.

Human Ability

  • The power needed to perform a duty is a gift from Allah and not an attribute possessed by humans and exists only with the action
  • Human actions Created by Allah – and acquired by human beings.
  • Allah only imposes actions which human beings can do – and everything happens according to His will

Supplication for the dead

  • evidences for the dead profiting from religious acts of the living,
  • evidences against,
  • the rationale,
  • reading Qur’aan.

Allah Responds

  • Allah answers prayers and fulfills needs
  • Evidences
  • doubts
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