Purification of the Soul

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Amazing 14 Week Online Course on Purification of the Soul

Taught by Sh Sa'd Ashetri

Take an exciting journey into the realm of the souls with one of the greatest scholars of our time and discover the wonders of true spirituality.
This course presents the student a fantastic opportunity to learn from Sh Saad Ashetri. Study the many aspects of nurturing and purifying the soul for the obedience of its ultimate Possessor

Cost: This is course is for only $225 USD

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Cost: This is course is only for $225 USD

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More detailed information on the course and the content covered is provided below:



Module Information

Name of Class

Purification of the Soul

Credit Hours

3 Hours

Class Description

This course presents the student a fantastic opportunity to learn from Sh Saad Ashetri. Study the many aspects of nurturing and purifying the soul for the obedience of its ultimate Possessor

Instructor Name

Sheikh Sa'ad ibn Nasr Ash-Shethry

Required Text

Notes provided on the student portal


 Academic Objectives:

To understand and describe the definitions of purification and the soul

To learn and understand the concept of Ascenticism (Zuhd)

To understand and describe the qualities emphasized in Islam which bring about spiritual purification

To understand and describe some of the prescribed benefits of spiritual nurturing


Tarbiyah Objectives:

• To enable the student to establish a better relationship with Allah through understanding how to loving and fearing Him

To enable the student to practice the many good qualities emphasized in the subject matter


Topics Covered

  • Introduction

     Defining Tazkiyyah

     Defining the Nafs

  • The station of knowledge

     Types of Knowledge

     The station of certainty (Yakin)

     The Rank of Finding Comfort in the Qur’ān (al-Uns bil-Qur’ān)

     The Lively Heart is a Means for Listening

  • Asceticism (Zuhd)

     The Station of Zuhd

     The Sunnah of Zuhd Remains

     Rising Above Doubtful Matters

     Building at Times of Quiet

     Practicing Zuhd With Nothing

  • Belief in Qadr


  • Contemplation of the Qur`aan

     The Importance of Contemplating the Qur’ān

     Matters Legislated for the Sake of Contemplating the Qur’ān

  • Reflection (Al-Tafakkur)
  • Gratitude and Acknowledgement of Allāh’s Blessings

     The Station of Shukr

     The Pillars of Shukr

     The Loftier Shukr

  • At Taqwaa

     Definition of At Taqwaa

     Levels of At Taqwaa

     Taqwaa in the Quraan

     Signs of At Taqwaa

     How can one become a Taqi?

     Attributes of Munaafiqoon

     Benefits of At Taqwaa

  • 33 Ways of Developing Khushoo’ in Salaah


     Concealment of Khushoo'

     Rulings on Khushoo'

     The means of developing Khushoo'

     Knowing the advantages of Khushoo' in Salaah

     Warding off distractions and things that adversely affect khushoo

     When a person suffers a great deal of waswaas

  • Fear of Allāh and Turning to Him

     The Station of Inābah

     Returning in Reform (al-Iṣlāḥ)

     Returning in Fulfillment of the Covenant

     Fear … Without Despair

     Actions Must Confirm Our Words

  • Shyness, Seeking Forgiveness, and Optimism

     The Station of Ḥayā’

     The Life of the Heart is in Shyness (Ḥayā’)

     The Types of Ḥayā’

     Shyness Resulting from Observation (Raqābah)

     Shyness Due to Lack of Zeal in Obedience


  • Jealousy

     Jealousy – a disease of the heart


  • Love for Allāh’s Sake

     “A Person is With the One Whom He Loves”


  • Contentment (Ridā)

     The Station of Riḍā

     The Distinguishing Quality of High Ambitions is Riḍā

     Riḍā is the Product of Ṭuma’nīnah

     Riḍā with Allāh as a Lord is the Foundation of Faith

     Being Pleased with the Divine Decree is from the Perfection of Faith

     The Need to Distinguish Between Allah’s Will and What He Loves

     The Ripe Fruits of Riḍā

     A Profound Dialogue Concerning Riḍā

     Allāh’s Riḍā With His Slave is the Greatest Reward

     The Heart of the Rāḍī is Cool

     The Deeds of the Heart Have No End

     Earnest Prayer is the Essence of ‘Ubūdīyyah


  • Love

     The station of Mahubba

     Effects and evidence of love

     How to learn love

     The levels of love

     Yearning (Shawq) is the fruit of love

     Yearning for Paradise is essential

     Running to Allah

  • From the fruits of a pure soul: Paradise

     How to be from amongst the people of Paradise

     Things that prevent one from Paradise

  • From the fruits of a pure soul: Salvation from the Hellfire      

     Actions that lead to the hellfire

  • From the fruits of a pure soul: Attainment of happiness

     Having a peaceful soul

     How a pure soul leads to happiness in this life and in the hereafter

     Factors that contribute to a person's happiness

     Calamities that befall a Muslim

  • from the fruits of a pure soul: Having Righteous offspring

     Emphasis that the Shariah places on righteous children

     Ensuring that one's children's affairs are upright

     How to nurture righteous children

     How a pure heart leads to righteous children

     From the fruits of a pure soul: The blessing of security

     The importance of living in a land wherein there is security

     How purification of the soul and security are linked

     Ways of attaining security

     Attaining security in the hereafter

  • from the fruits of a pure soul: The blessing of tranquility

     The blessing of tranquility

     Definition of tranquility

     The importance of tranquility

     Ways of achieving tranquility

  • From the fruits of a pure soul: The blessing of increase in wealth

     The status of wealth in one's life

     Relationship between wealth and a pure soul

  • From the fruits of a pure soul: Granting victory to the believers over their Enemies

     Ways of achieving victory over the enemy

     Reasons for Allah delaying victory

  • From the fruits of a pure soul: The blessing of good   health

     The relationship between a pure soul and good health

     Ways of attaining good health


     Some matters related to illness

     A summary of how to purify one's soul

     A summary on some of the diseases of the heart

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