Religious Extremism

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Religious Extremism

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3 Hours

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This course provides a general introduction to the main varieties of religious extremism at the present time, as well as their historical antecedents. It is not focused narrowly on terrorist or violence-prone groups, but rather on the broader milieus from which those violent fringe elements emerge, and provides an understanding of schisms and the formation of sects. Since almost every religious tradition has extremist elements, the types surveyed include Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and Hindu variants, as well as the most important subcategories that fall within these religious traditions

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Religious Extremism in the Lives of Contemporary Muslims by Dr. / AbdurRahmaan ibn Mu'alla alLuwayhiq


  1. A)To enable students to understand the pitfalls of extremism to seek the pleasure of Allaah.
  2. B)Introduce students to the concept of extremism and the importance of this topics study in this age and time
  3. C)Enable the student to understand the causes of extremism and fanaticism and its effects on individuals and the communities.
  4. D)Allowing students to understand the clear signs of extremism and enabling them with abilities to avoid its spreading

.Topics Covered

  • Introduction to extremism.
  • Understanding the term: extremism, from a linguistic and technical viewpoint.
  • Rules and regulations related to the usage of the term: extremism and the common mistake associate with its usage.
  • Related terminologies to extremism: terrorism, oppression, banditry, going against the law of the leader.
  • Types of fanaticism and extremism.
  • The importance of studying radicalization and extremism in the present era.
  • Evidence for the prohibition of extremism: General and specific evidences.
  • The causes of extremism and fanaticism:
  • The scientific and methodological reasons.
  • Psychological and educational reasons. -
  • The social causes and global levels.
  • The effects of excess:
  • Ideological and intellectual effects. -
  • Behavioral and social effects. -
  • Treatment extremism- Tackling the issue of extremism and its properties.
  • Introduction related to the foundations of Islam in tackling terrorism-
  • Scientific treatment.
  • Educational and social therapy.
  • Contemporary approaches in addressing the issue of extremism and viable ways of evaluation

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