KIU Vision & Mission


Based on the Prophetic statement, “Indeed Allah loves from each of you, that whenever you do anything, you should do it to the best of your ability,” KIU strives for academic excellency in offering knowledge through the medium of e-Learning.


KIU is an integrated educational institution which relies mainly on electronic and distance learning to provide higher education in disciplines using the most advanced learning methodologies for all knowledge seekers beyond time and place restrictions.


Knowledge International University draws its values from the balanced and tolerant spirit of the Sharee’ah which has the following salient features:

Loyalty and Sincerity; Initiative and Inventiveness; Justice and Equality; a Commitment to Excellence; and Team Work.


To elevate the level of the educational process by providing education mediums that utilize electronic technology and distance learning systems in order to enhance the academic learning system.

To play ar vital role in meeting the increasing demand for higher education all over the world which traditional universities are currently unable to fulfill.

To develop innovative educational programs that fulfill the needs of the various sectors of the world community.

To disseminate the correct knowledge, works and experiences of major scholars from around Muslim the world.

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